Learn how to become an exceptional freelance illustrator

“For any illustrator who's looking to take the leap to freelance, this is an absolute essential.”

The Illustrator’s Guide is the ultimate handbook to launch your illustration career, and will be your companion all the way from enthusiastic beginner to confident professional.

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About the book

Whether you are fresh out of college, changing careers or in your early years as an illustrator, The Illustrator’s Guide offers a unique insight into the industry for beginners and aspiring illustrators.
The Illustrator’s Guide walks you through the highs and lows you can expect as an Illustrator, with thoughtful insights and advice to ensure you are working towards sustainable and achievable goals as a creative.
This book will help guide you towards focusing your creativity, cultivating a mindset that can sustain you through the harder slow periods and inspire you during the busiest. With reliable and repeatable steps, this book has been developed with the intention that it can be picked up and read throughout any illustrator’s journey, with quick to access sections and a variety of activities to revisit, this guide acts as a creative companion from day one of your Illustration journey.

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What people are saying about The Illustrator's Guide

So much useful information!
"There is so much valuable information for any budding illustrator in here - and all written in a very accessible way. Highly recommend to anybody looking to start out in illustration!"

Essential for both new and practicing illustrators.
"Packed full of inside tips and tricks, this will help new illustrators start their journey but also give practicing illustrators a helpful refresher into new ways to build a better career."

Essential Read for New Illustrators
"I've been in the industry for going on 18 years and have read all the books you can read on the subject and this is up there with some of the best."

Excellent advice, for whatever stage you're at as an Illustrator
"The book was packed full with tips on how to get started in the business, which is appropriate whether you're fresh out of art school or are switching careers mid-life."

Extremely helpful in progressing career as an Illustrator
"I've invested in a lot of Illustration resources to help guide me, but this really does stand out as the best and only guide I think I'll return to and recommend to others."

The most useful resource ever written
"I’ve read a fair few books similar to this, and none of them come even close to the level of detail, thoroughness or insight of this incredible book."

What's in the book

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Chapter 1: How to develop an exceptional mindset
Chapter 2: Facing challenges and overcoming barriers
Chapter 3: Your start-up essentials
Chapter 4: Developing your portfolio
Chapter 5: Forming and maintaining your creative habit
Chapter 6: Practice makes progress
Chapter 7: Get feedback on your work
Chapter 8: How to find clients
Chapter 9: Working with clients
Chapter 10: How to deal with client briefs
Chapter 11: Managing your money
Chapter 12: A freelancer is a business
Chapter 13: Pricing your work and negotiating
Chapter 14: Licensing, rights and contracts
Chapter 15: Finding an agent
Chapter 16: Working with an agent

About the author

James Hughes is an illustration agent @folioart in the UK, representing some of the best international professional illustrators. He has also been a contributor and contract adviser for the Association of Illustrators. James shares tips on the business of illustration through his blog and YouTube channel: 'The Illustrator's Guide' and coaches and mentors freelance illustrators to help them get started in their creative careers.

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